Flint Area Unity Council

AA Unity, Service, Recovery

Flint Area Unity Council

Alcoholic Anonymous
District 12 Genesee County & 
District 14 Lapeer County
Help Line 810-234-0815



1. To promote Unity among Flint Area A.A., and harmony with Al-anon and Al-Ateen groups.

2. To exchange group ideas.

3. The G.S.R.’s and Alternates shall act as trusted servants of their groups.

4. Each group shall be represented by a G.S.R. or Alternate. One vote per group shall be allowed in the determining matters of policy and action affecting the groups. (Committee persons are allowed one vote.)

5. To continue advancement of Twelve Step work and sponsorship.

6. To help financially any member group of this Council who needs help. A two-thirds majority vote will pass on any such loans which shall not be in excess of sixty days.

7. The Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of A.A. shall prevail at all times.

8. No monies will be spent or sent out of the Council area without a two-thirds majority vote of the groups that have paid into the council in the last three months. If they are not present they will be contacted for a vote on the issue within one week.

9. The Council will create service committees and be financially responsible for them.


1. Nominations will be held at the November meeting for the following offices and committee chairs: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Answering Service, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Corrections, Public Information, Grapevine, Literature/Meeting Books, Special Needs, Treatment Facilities, Website, and Young People.

2. The Election will be held at the December meeting.

3. Election by written ballot and plurality (majority) rule.

4. One vote per group, D.C.M.’s are allowed one vote. Past and Present Delegates that are presently active in the Council Area have one vote.

5. On any tie vote, a drawing will take place to determine the winner.

6. No requirements will be placed upon the G.S.R. as to length of sobriety or donation to the Council.

7. The groups voting must be registered in the New York Office.

8. Terms of office will be for two years; January to December.

9. Office holders must be a member of Unity Council.

10. Alternates will be the choice of the office holder.

11. After a second consecutive absence from the FAUC meeting, with neither an alternate nor a report submitted by a committee chair, the FAUC chair shall try to notify that committee chair of action pending upon their third consecutive absence.

12. Office holders shall be removed from any position if failing to attend three consecutive FAUC meetings and have neither an alternate nor a report submitted. Upon removal the FAUC chair will ask the removed committee chair that the committee seed money and any FAUC materials provided to do that service work be returned.

Revised: 04/19/2015

Unity Council Meeting every 3rd Saturday of the month see FAUC Meeting schedule tab for dates and locations

Anyone who is interested in doing service work please attend we would love the help and it is a great experience!!


Help Line 810-234-0815


To email FAUC website click below!


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