Group Contributions


Contributions to District 12 Flint are used to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers and assist AA  groups.  Specific allocations of funds are as follows;


Providing 24 hour Phone Hotline, printing and distributing up to date AA meeting books to show locations and times of AA meetings to the public.  Offering AA approved Literature at cost to AA meetings and public.   Supplying Approved AA Literature at no cost where it would otherwise not be available such as The Genesee County Public Libraries, local jails and locations where the community and professionals come into contact with people who need assistance in finding AA .  Contributions also assist to supply information to professionals in the area that come into contact with possible alcoholics to assist them in providing accurate information about Alcoholics Anonymous.   Funds are also used to supply information to groups, identify handicapped accessible meetings in the area to ensure the hand of AA will always be there.  District 12 Flint also funds a committee to assist Young People in the area to  create unity amongst their age group.  This committee has been very successful in hosting many Young People’s events which has been instrumental in increasing the number of younger alcoholics to successfully achieve sobriety and continue to carry the message to others.


Groups wishing to send contributions to District 12 Flint can mail them to:


Pass The Hat Association PO Box 465 Flint, Mich 48501


Be sure to identify the group and remember — it isn’t safe to mail cash. For GSO guidance on group contributions, see these publications: AA Guideline on Finance, The  AA Group Treasurer, Self Support: Where Money And Spirituality Mix